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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Homeschooling: The Final Frontier

Not being overly impressed with the public education system (lack of excellent teachers, a curriculum that tends to encourage mediocrity, my own bad experiences), we've decided to try our hands at homeschooling Tempest (our daughter, whom most of you have heard about).

Seriously thinking about getting this book

Between the two of us, we have most subjects covered -- with the exception of anything beyond basic math. Should Tempest desire to explore beyond the boundaries of BEDMAS, we'll definitely be hiring a tutor.

Her home-based education will, to no surprise to anyone who knows me, be framed within the context of Speculative Fiction -- particularly, that of Star Trek (TNG & DS9) & more than a little Tolkien. As such, I thought it appropriate to name our humble unschooling project. Something that would help us all get a little more into the swing of things.

After mulling it over for a few days, I came to the only logical conclusion: Tempest would attend the greatest place of learning in all of Science Fiction, the Starfleet Academy.

Still waiting for a series that revolves solely around Starfleet Academy

Slowly, I'll be transforming our living room into a little slice of the San Franciso-based landmark. I've already made the school's sign (see below). Thinking I'll add a few console panels, replicator, and so forth. Heck, if she really gets into it, I'll makeover Tempest's room ST quarters style. And, of course, we'll be taking her on plenty of away missions to places like the ROM, Science Centre and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

No, I can't really draw. Luckily, Tempest can't tell that, yet.

All in all, this should be a fun project. We've already watched a few TNG/DS9 episodes together, and she seems to be into the Star Trek universe. And something tells me her TNG-loving Grandfather (Papa) just might approve.

Personally, I just want an excuse to watch Brent Spiner and Avery Brooks all the time. Oh, and Seven of Nine. Rawr.

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